Highlands Market Garden

Highlands passion for the Market Garden stems from our deep desire to provide food that is wholesome, nutritious, and free from any harmful synthetic chemicals for our own family. We understand the importance of feeding our loved ones with healthy sustenance that not only nourishes but also promotes healing. While our young family was growing we embarked on countless journeys in search of whole foods, raw milks, and free-range eggs within our local vicinity.

Growing up, Stephen and I were neighbours on large-scale cattle and crop farming properties. During this time we developed an unwavering commitment to return to the land someday and embrace sustainable agriculture. Eight years ago, we made the life-changing decision to settle in the beautiful Sarina Range, where we have poured our hearts into farming our little slice of paradise nestled amidst the mountains. Today, our Market Garden thrives, providing wholesome foods for our family and other local families through our collaboration with Roots Collective in Sarina.

While our offerings mainly consist of a wide variety of vegetables and salad options, we also have occasional seasonal fruits available, as well as dried goods such as organic dried fruits, ethical chocolates, flours, and other grains.

All of our produce is directly supplied to the Co-Op at Roots Bakehouse, Restaurant, and Coffee in Sarina.

Our overall mission is to restore the health of the soil in which we grow our food by avoiding harmful chemicals and employing sustainable agricultural practices. This way, we can cultivate nutrient-rich food that we proudly supply to individuals like yourself.

The Veggie Box Program 

Now, let's delve into the details of our Veggie Box Program. Each box is thoughtfully curated to include an assortment of seasonal veggies and salad options. We offer three different sizes to cater to various needs: the $25 'Single Box', suitable for one person; the $50 'Couple Box', perfect for two individuals; and the $80 'Family Box', which provides enough produce for a family of four to six. You also have the option to choose your preferred leafy greens, root vegetables, squashes and other seasonal options. These will make up the contents of your veggie box.

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Co-Op (Retail)

Explore our restaurant's "Co-Op" section, where local talents and artisans come together to offer an array of handcrafted and locally sourced retail items. From stylish clothing and artisanal candles to pantry essentials, fresh produce, and dried goods, this dedicated space showcases the best of our community. By shopping at the "Co-Op," you not only treat yourself to quality products but also support local businesses, fostering a sense of connection and collaboration.