Returning to the roots...

...of nourishment, community and love.

And the finer things in simplistic form...

We are dedicated to sourcing the freshest local produce our region has to offer to give you an indulgent and memorable experience.



Roots has been very thoughtfully designed to deliver an experience centred around heart felt connection, and the age old tradition of sharing a meal together. With a focus on returning to the roots of life and enjoying the simplicity of what it means to be human we aim to reflect on the importance of love, community and nourishment.

The collective includes the Bakehouse, Restaurant, Bar, Co-Op, Gelato, Coffee, Ready Made Lunch Options, Delivery Service, Catering and Events departments, Roots is a one stop for all your hospitality needs.

Each space has been carefully curated to evoke feelings of warmth, simplicity and connection.

The Name:

Feeling like you belong in a community is more than just living there, it is about putting down roots, eating at amazing places, creating connections with people who inspire you and investing into others.

The name Roots was chosen as a bold statement.

Roots are the sustaining force that deliver nutrients to a plant and we believe that this concept of returning to your roots is vital in the acknowledgement of our journey as humans. It's hard to appreciate where you are unless you acknowledge where you have come from.

The Team:

The team are like an elite sporting team. They take pride in their work, are highly trained and deliver on service, quality, efficiency and collaboration in every aspect of their roles. Our managers, waiters, baristas, cooks, bakers and administrators are focused on providing you with an experience that will leave you feeling cared for and content. Our team are a bunch of kind, funny, caring and adaptable people who bring the joy to everything that happens at Roots.

The Founders:

We are three siblings who have worked together over the past five years to grow and develop a community hub in Sarina.

We were raised to value team work and truly care for the hearts of others. Our determination and grit to continually develop and grow has seen us face many challenges but through all of the trials we have adapted and overcome, and to be honest all glory goes to God for that. 

It has been a great privilege serving our community of Sarina in our previous community venture and we could never have dreamed that we would someday expand into a much bigger and more functional venue.

The Venue:

In September 22, 46 Broad St was a mechanical garage with a neighbouring fish and chip shop.

We, along with family and freinds have poured our hearts into renovating, branding, styling, systemising & designing the interior to transform the space from a old garage to an ambient, mood lit restuarant and adjoining fish and chip shop into a upmarket bakehouse. This venue has had so much passion, sweat & tears poured into it. It has taken a solid team of generous and devoted people to pull this enormous renovation off in only 3 months.


If you are reading this, we want you to know just how much we value you. You have played an important role in the journey and growth.

This community is our reason for pressing on from day to day. Our regular customers have helped us get through some of the toughest of times over the past years and we know without you, we wouldnt be here. So thank you!


Is our Systems & Finance project leader. Wes works with his team to keep an eye on the numbers and problem solving. He is the mastermind behind all of our incredible systems.


Is Marketing and Promotions project leader. Skye and her team are the reason for our beautiful socials, marketing, baking and pretty much anything creative. She is our creative Genius. 


Is our People and Culture project leader and design advisor. Jana works hard to maintain the balance in the team. This includes hiring the right people and making sure our team is well cared for. 

The Team

Back row: Skye, Sophie, Wes, Lincoln, Sara, Safiira, Josh, Kidro, Rikki, May, Katie
Front Row: Salena, Jana, Adela, Stacey, Keisha, Angel

Our Leaders

Sophie, Adela, Ma'ayan & Stacey

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